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First Frog and Toad Chorus Survey of 2023 Tomorrow

Updated: Jan 31

The survey will mostly consist of listening for frog calls. | Source: Friends of the Marsh Facebook

Each year for the past several years we have conducted a frog and toad chorus survey to assess the well-being of our native amphibian population. We do this at selected locations in the marsh three times each spring and summer, the timing determined by water temperature. It’s now time for the first one of 2023 tomorrow, Monday April 10, 2023 at 7 p.m.

Frogs and toads may be the “canaries in the coal mine” of climate change, indicative of both subtle and dramatic climate changes. Chances are we will not see any frogs, but we will hear them. The survey is done by ear. There are a couple of links below that take you to sites where you can learn the few frog calls that you will need. For this time of year, focus on the calls of Spring Peepers and the Boreal Chorus Frog. Both are very distinctive.

We’ll meet at the lower parking lot in Myrick Park, near The Nature Place (formerly the Myrick Park Center). Dress for conditions and bring a flashlight. We will provide equipment and recording forms. We’ll have time to review the calls before we begin. Meet at 7 p.m. No experience is necessary. This is an excellent family venture.

In case of rain, we’ll do this on Tuesday, April 11, 2023. Same time, same place.

Links to frog and toad calling sites

This website is easy to use and features Wisconsin frogs.

This USGS site includes an easy-to-use quiz:

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