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February 1 EnviroWednesdays Program: Jessica Stanton and Decline of North American Avifauna

Updated: Jan 31

Jessica Stanton will be discussing avian population decline. | Photographer: John Sullivan

EnviroWednesdays Program

Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Myrick Park Center Discovery Room

7:00 - 8:00 pm

Please join us Wednesday, February 1st for our monthly EnviroWednesdays program, jointly sponsored by WisCorps and Friends. The meeting this month also serves as the Friends of the Marsh annual member meeting -- there will be door prizes!

Jessica Stanton, USGS Biologist at the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center, researcher and co-author of the Science magazine report, "Decline of North American avifauna," Kenneth V. Rosenberg, et. al. (Science, 04 October 2019, vol. 366, Issue 646, pp. 120-124) will be our speaker this evening.

The report, using multiple and independent monitoring networks, documents avian population losses "approaching 3 billion birds, or 29% of their 1970 abundance."

Over 100 years ago our region experienced the decline and extinction of the Passenger Pigeon (approximately 3 billion lost from this one species). Stanton will draw upon some of her earlier work modeling the Passenger Pigeon's fate to discuss our current bird population losses.

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